Self realization – Wholeness: unity, integration, tendency to oneness, interconnectedness, simplicity, organization, structure, order, not dissociated, synergy. This is ultimately  what my blog  will convey by communicating in a manner unique to who I am, and inspired by a sense of the oneness of the  universe.

  • Love and science do go together
  • The point of view that is espoused by the negative forces in the world must be countered aggressively by all who seek balance.

This blog is simply one tool made available via advancements in technology.  Technology has the potential to provide a decisive  edge to the forces of balance in our struggle towards self realization.  It is clear that creativity and imagination will always trump, negativity and fear.  Technology used properly, has far more potential for good when it is fully embraced by the forces of balance and unity.


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